Estabrook Civic League

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Estabrook Community Events


2018 December 18th at 07:00 PM

Estabrook 2018 Annual Holiday Party

Past Events

2018 October 20th at 10:00 AM

Fall Bazaar 2018

2018 September 29th at 09:00 AM

Annual Community Yard Sale

2018 September 11th at 07:00 PM

Approaching Storm

2018 September 8th at 08:30 AM


2018 June 8th at 08:00 PM

42nd Norfolk Harborfest®

2018 June 3rd at 02:00 PM


2018 June 2nd at 12:00 PM

The Second Annual Community Fair 2018

2018 May 12th at 05:00 PM

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

2018 April 28th at 10:00 AM

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

2018 April 28th at 10:00 AM

Parade of Nations and NATO Fest

2018 April 26th at 07:30 PM

Virginia International Tattoo

2018 April 7th at 09:00 AM

ECL Building Spruce Up

2018 March 28th at 07:00 PM

Norfolk Police Department Citizen’s Academy - Session #43

2018 March 20th at 07:00 PM

Proposed Dollar General Hearing

2018 March 10th at 10:00 AM

Spring Craft Bazaar

2018 March 6th at 06:30 PM

Community Emergency Response Team classes (CERT)

2018 February 2nd at 10:30 AM

VA Beach Polar Plunge

2018 January 27th at 10:00 AM

Jam’n Jamz

2018 January 18th at 02:00 PM

Norfolk Public Library "I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

2018 January 15th at 08:30 AM

Martin Luther King, Jr. Ceremony and Walk

2018 January 14th at 07:00 PM

Songs for a Dreamer: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2018 January 13th at 01:00 PM

Norfolk Public Library - Martin Luther King B-Day Celebration

2018 January 2nd at 12:00 AM

Assistance Available for Home Heating Emergencies

2017 December 2nd at 12:00 PM

4th Annual Christmas Market and Holiday Yule Log Bonfire

2017 November 18th at 09:00 AM


2017 November 11th at 10:00 AM

Flu Shoot Clinic

2017 November 6th at 06:00 PM

Amateur Radio Technician Class

2017 November 4th at 12:00 PM

Imagine 5 Point

2017 November 1st at 07:00 PM

Membership Dues

2017 October 28th at 12:00 PM

2nd Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Prevention Community Day

2017 October 25th at 12:00 AM

Closure of Robin Hood Rd

2017 October 21st at 06:30 PM

Trunk or Treat

2017 October 21st at 11:00 AM

30th Annual Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

2017 October 12th at 06:00 PM


2017 October 7th at 10:00 AM

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

2017 October 7th at 10:00 AM

Virginia Children's Festival

2017 September 16th at 11:00 AM

Neighborhood Expo

2017 August 26th at 10:00 AM

Wine Bottle Decorating

2017 August 23rd at 02:00 PM

Fall Bulb ONLINE Fundraiser

2017 August 20th at 05:00 PM

Virginia Symphony Orchestra in the Park

2017 August 19th at 05:00 PM

17th Annual Latino Music Festival

2017 August 11th at 12:00 PM

12th Annual Virginia Caribbean Festival

2017 August 4th at 05:00 PM

First Fridays Downtown Street Party

2017 July 29th at 10:00 AM

Fine Jewelry Instruction Class

2017 July 14th at 10:00 AM

35th Annual Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival

2017 July 4th at 05:00 PM

4th of July Great American Picnic and Fireworks Celebration

2017 June 23rd at 12:00 PM

28th Annual Bayou Boogaloo & Cajun Food Fest

2017 June 17th at 12:00 PM

Wards Corner Festival

2017 June 13th at 06:00 AM


2017 June 4th at 03:00 PM

100 Women in Red

2017 May 28th at 07:00 PM

Big Bands on the Bay

2017 May 20th at 07:00 AM

Olive Grove Baptist Church Spring Fling Bazar

2017 May 6th at 09:00 AM

BTW Community Yard Sale

2017 May 6th at 08:00 AM

Talbot Park Community Yard Sale

2017 April 29th at 10:00 AM

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

2017 April 8th at 11:00 AM

WPA Garden Heritage Celebration

2017 March 20th at 06:30 PM

24rd Annual 2017 Crime Prevention Awards Ceremony

2017 March 13th at 09:00 AM


2017 March 8th at 06:30 PM

Community Emergency Response Team classes (CERT)

2017 March 2nd at 10:00 AM

READ ACROSS AMERICA Program In honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

2017 February 21st at 10:00 AM

June 1 Deadline to Apply for Tax Relief

2017 February 17th at 11:00 AM

RPOS Sweethearts on Parade Event!

2017 February 16th at 06:30 PM

Nuisance Wildlife Prevention class

2017 February 15th at 06:30 PM

Support the The Concerned Citizens of BTW

2017 February 15th at 06:00 PM

Black History Spades Challenge

2017 February 12th at 10:00 AM

Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

2017 February 6th at 06:00 PM

Neighbors Building Neighborhoods Academy

2017 January 29th at 02:00 PM

Lift Every Voice: Capturing Oral Histories of African-Americans, Norfolk and Beyond

2017 January 22nd at 01:00 PM

Pretty in Pink Skate

2017 January 16th at 12:00 PM

TMBMC MLK Day Celebration

2017 January 12th at 06:30 PM

The Greater Norview Task Force

2017 January 1st at 04:00 PM

GARDEN 2.017 FUN RUN: Norfolk Botanical Garden

2017 January 1st at 12:00 PM


2016 December 26th at 01:30 PM

2016 Scope Holiday Basketball Classic

2016 December 24th at 04:00 PM

Barrel's Ugly Sweater Xmas Eve Party

2016 December 22nd at 05:30 PM

Parents Night Out - Hot cocoa, cookies and crafts for the kids

2016 December 19th at 04:00 PM

Dickens' Christmas Towne

2016 December 19th at 11:00 AM


2016 December 19th at 09:00 AM

Winter Wonderland: Coleman Collection

2016 December 1st at 12:00 AM

Holiday Events @ Norfolk Public Library

2016 November 19th at 06:00 PM

Holidays in the City Parade and Grand Illumination

2016 October 15th at 12:30 PM

Pumpkin Decorating Party!

2016 October 15th at 10:00 AM

Stockley Gardens Fall Arts Festival

2016 October 14th at 02:30 PM

An Evening of Dancing!

2016 October 13th at 06:30 PM

Nuisance Wildlife Prevention Class - Adults only

2016 October 13th at 06:00 PM

A “Live” Asset Mapping Exercise

2016 July 15th at 07:00 PM

34 th Annual Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival

2016 July 8th at 05:00 PM

Bob Zentz’ Ramblin’ Road Show & Homemade Hootenanny

2016 July 8th at 05:00 PM

6th Annual SummerBrewFest – Town Point Park

2016 July 5th at 09:00 AM

Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation 2016 Youth Summer Camps

2016 June 27th at 09:00 AM

Sheriff Bob McCabe Foundation 2016 Norfolk Youth Sports Camps

2016 June 25th at 07:00 AM

2016 Free Summer Breakfast and Lunch Schedule

2016 June 4th at 09:00 AM


2016 May 26th at 06:00 PM


2016 May 21st at 01:00 PM

City of Norfolk Rabies Clinic

2016 May 14th at 07:00 AM

24th Annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

2016 May 9th at 08:00 AM

2016 Norfolk Senior Olympics

2016 May 7th at 11:00 AM


2015 December 8th at 07:00 PM

Website Launch and Holiday Party

2015 November 12th at 07:00 PM

Website Presentation for Civic League Federation

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